Sunday, 22 January 2012


We had our lunch at the foodcourt and makan entah apape je kat situ. 
Siyes rase no choices and entah apape je yang aku makan
I had some Japanese food wic was not interesting at all.
I felt so jealous that Firdaus enjoyed his meal so much

"Ahh selalaluu macam itu,
Kalau aku yang order mesti serba tak kene :'( "

Nasib la Firdaus baik hati selalu consider perasaan orang lain. Hehee
Forget bout it, we went outside for some fresh air ~
*breathing in.

Huhu boring faces ~_~

Yeah we did some photoshop!
'Sephia' mode!! :D

Ha the next mode,
Firdaus godek-godek hp dia sampaila jadik macamni.
We crazily laughed and can't stop playing with it.


Aku harap aku sorang je boleh buat muke ni.
Don't try this at home
Then Firdaus and I had our dinner,

Happy face :)

Dah senja pon still can't stop playing with his camera
Firdaus is really looking good at it. lol

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